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125 kHz reader Syris RD200-LF
(Product ID: 1378)

Our most sophisticated reader for 125 kHz and 134,2 kHz chips.
It is a plug and play device which means that you don't need to install drivers. By default it works as Keyboard Emulator and it reads the chip ID and places in the current field (eg. Excel table, Notepad, website / app input field...). It could be set to work as serial port emulation reader which sets the Virtual COM and reads the ID there. It supports the reading of chips like EM4200, TK4100, EM4102, EM4100, encoded T5577 chips, FDX-B chips and some other 125 kHz chips.
Price/item: 79,00 EUR (with vat 96,38 EUR)
Status: In stock
Dispatching time: 1-3 days
Product ID: 1378


79,00 EUR

Total with vat:
96,38 EUR
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In addition you also get the CD with software tools for setup and development. It supports BCB6, VB6, VB.NET, and VC, VB, BCB, DevC, C# library.

Manufacturer: Syris Technology Corp.
Name: RD200-LF
Frequency: 125 kHz and 134,2 kHz
RF Protocol: EM4200, TK4100, EM4102, EM4100, encoded T5577chips,
FDX-B chips ISO11784
Interface: USB (Micro USB connector on reader housing, regular USB for PC)
Reading distance: up to 6 cm
Dimensions: 72 x 105 x 16 mm (W, H, D)
Power:Trough USB (5V, 200 mA)
Environment:Operating Temperature: -20°C to 65°C, 5-95% RH
Supported RFID media types:RFID cards, keyfobs, stickers, labels, tags

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