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Plastic stickers with a T5577 programmable chip
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RFID systems operating on a frequency 125 kHz are often used for inexpensive user identification solutions and access control solutions. These applications use for identification a pre-encoded “unique” chip ID number.

It is not a secret that the 125 kHz chip ID can be cloned with inexpensive and accessible equipment and stored into a programmable 125 kHz chip. Several key makers (in shopping malls, etc.) can duplicate besides your regular metallic keys, also your digital key stored on a 125 kHz RFID card or key fob. Banking cards and other secure RFID cards have their security on another level and cannot be copied with such devices.

We offer several kinds of transponders with programmable Atmel Temic T557 125 kHz chips, and we invite you to choose the one which suits you the most.

The programmable 125 kHz stickers are interesting because they can store your key card ID number and you can place them even under a mobile phone cover. This is a simple way to carry your key card with you all the time.

To program the stickers you need a device called a ‘cloner’ or ‘duplicator’ which is usually inexpensive and widely available.

The cloning device reads the 125 kHz key card ID and then writes it onto the new programmable sticker. When the sticker is encoded, it acts as a normal 125 kHz key card.

The T5577 stickers are made of white plastic and have a diameter of 38 mm. You are welcome to buy them from stock or send us an inquiry for stickers with a company logo or other printed artwork.
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Plastic stickers with a T5577 programmable chip are a special kind of 125 kHz RFID transponder with a plastic layer on top and an adhesive layer on the bottom side.

They contain a programmable Atmel T5577 125 kHz chip and a copper antenna. The T5577 chip can store the ID number from another key card, like the cards with a read-only chip EM400, EM4100, or TK4100 that are used in countless applications for access control or people, assets, and even animal identification purposes.

T5577 stickers are made from PVC, they have a diameter of 38 mm, and are approximately 1 mm thick. They are bright white, without numeration or other printed elements. 

You are welcome to buy white RFID stickers from stock or send us an inquiry for customized stickers. We can print your logo or serial number, we can use some other material like paper for a top layer instead of PVC, or we can modify the sticker size, shape, etc.

Reading test for Plastic stickers with a T5577 programmable chip

We tested these stickers with different kinds of readers and measured the reading distances. This is not an official test, but it was made to inform you what reading distances you may expect with your application.
RFID Reader Reading distance
Syris RD200-LF 5 cm
R80D 5 cm
Promag PCR 300AU-02  4 cm
Promag PCR-330A-00  3 cm
The reading distance between the RFID transponder and the reader is affected by many different factors, like the size of the antennas and quality of the chips, the interferences of metal, and electromagnetic signals, etc.

Technical specification

Chip manufacturer: Atmel Temic 
Chip: T5577 (basic component: Atmel® ATA5577M1330C IDIC® chip)
Compatible with: EM4100, EM4102, TK4100, T5557
Frequency: 125 kHz
Reading distance: up to 10 cm
Sticker diameter: 38 mm
Thickness: 0.84 mm
Material: PVC
Printing options: custom made 125 kHz stickers are available upon request 

If you need larger quantities or printed 125 kHz stickers, please send us an inquiry with your specification.

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