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RFID reader ACR 1281U-C1
(Product ID: 1330)

Contact and contactless smart cards reader...
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ACR 1281U-C1 DualBoost II is the second generation of ACS’s ACR128 DualBoost Reader. It is a dual interface reader that can access any contact and contactless smart cards following the ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 standards. ACR1281U-C1 enables one to integrate conventionally separate and independent applications for contact and contactless technologies into one device. It also supports cards SLE5528, SLE5542 etc. It is distinguished by it's attractive shape, good readability skills, USB interface and two LEDs. It is suitable for use in access control systems, in systems for payments, e-banking etc.
 Manufacturer:  ACS
 Name:  ACR 1281U-C1
 RF protocol:  Contactless cards: ISO 14443 A and B, MIFARE®;
 Contact cards: ISO 7816 Part 1-3, Class A-C
 Function:  Read/Write
 Frequency:  13.56 MHz (contactless cards)
 Interface:  USB
 Reading distance:  up to 5 cm
 Dimensions:  120 mm x 72 mm x 20 mm

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