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SDC-912-F Smart door handle with fingerprint, RFID or PIN code access
(Product ID: 3397)

The smart door handle that opens the door only if you provide the registered fingerprint, registered RFID card or pendant or enter the PIN code. You can also enter from a distance of approx. 5 m, via Bluetooth application on mobile phone.
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It is suitable for indoor use, such as access control to offices, warehouses, garages, bicycle sheds and other premises. It is usually installed in place of the existing door handle and the existing mechanism is retained for locking with the key.

Main components:
- Front  handle contains electronics with a fingerprint reader, RFID reader and a keypad for entering the PIN.
- Rear handle contains 4 AA batteries that last approximately 6 months with regular use.
- Connecting front and rear handle a standard square rod with a diameter of 8 mm is used and allows electronic connection of the front and rear handle

How does it work:
When registered person turns the handle, the electric clutch grabs the bar connecting the two sides of the smart handle and let's the user enter. If unregistered person tries to open the door, only the handle turns without the square bar connecting both sides of the smart handle and the door doesn't open. The door can always be opened from the inside.

This smart handle is usually installed on an existing door and retains the existing lock. It is only necessary to check that the existing lock insert is wide enough and that it has 2 round holes (left and right of the square hole for the hook) as the screws that fasten the outside and inside of the hook come through these two holes.

The use of a standard lock is recommended because it allows the door to be opened with a key (in case of emergency entry) and the door can be additionally locked (for example, overnight or if you are going on holiday).
1. remove the existing handle
2. check if your lock insert has two round holes on each side of the square bar
3. check if your door is of suitable thickness (35 - 65 mm)
4. use the supplied template and drill the holes to attach the handle
5. Attach the outside and inside of the handle
6. Connect the power cord to the inside of the hook
7. Insert the batteries and put the cover back on to the inner hanlde

1. Install the appropriate application:
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tongtongsuo.app
Apple Store https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/id1033046018
2. Select the "Door Lock" lock type
3. Touch the screen on the handle and your smart door handle will appear in the app
4. Enter the desired name and click Complete to complete the process of adding a smart lock to the application
5. Set the time on smart lock: Settings - Lock Clock - Calibrate Time
6. Add users

Technical specification:
Model: SDC-912-F
Mode of operation: Opening the hook with a fingerprint, RFID key fobs, PIN code or via Bluetooth phone app
Supported RFID chips: ISO14443A Mifare®, NTAG213 and other 13.56 MHz chips
Max number of users: 120 fingerprints, 200 key fobs, 150 PIN numbers
Keyboard: touch sensitive, with backlight
Material: aluminum alloy
For door thickness: 35 - 65 mm
Operating temperature: -25 ° C to 70 ° C
Power supply: 4x AA battery (possibility of emergency power supply via USB if the batteries are discharged and use of the emergency key)

Kit components:
- Front handle with touch screen
- Rear handle with battery housing
- Single lock (in case of use with an existing lock you do not need it)
- Hollow square rod 73 mm long with a set of fixing screws for doors 35-50 mm thick
- Hollow square bar 88 mm long with a set of fastening screws for doors 50-65 mm thick
- 2x RFID key fobs
- 2x security key

The batteries are not part of the kit and must be purchased separately. You need 4x AA batteries.

Security features:
If the battery runs out or fails, the following options are available:
- On the front handle there is an additional lock for emergency entry with a key
- There is a micro USB emergency power connector on the front handle
- We recommend using a lock insert that also allows you to open the door with a key

Low Battery Alarm: An audible warning that the batteries are running low. After the first warning, you can do approx. 200 entries (in  a short time interval)

Passage Mode: the possibility of setting a free passage in a certain time interval (for example, between 7 and 8 o'clock, everyone can enter, otherwise only registered users)

Access Record Query: via the app, administrator scan view transactions or access log

Scramble code function: a function allowing you to enter a number of additional numbers in addition to the PIN number, thus preventing anyone from finding out your PIN code

Secure Lock Mode: The "Do Not Disturb" feature, which allows only a user with Administrator rights to open door.

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