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Promag PCR-300-MR MIFARE® reader with RS232 interface
(Product ID: 1484)

reads UID, works on 13.56MHz frequency, uses RS232 COM port, power supply over PS/2
Price/item: 75,00 EUR (with vat 91,50 EUR)
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Product ID: 1484


75,00 EUR

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91,50 EUR
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Promag PCR300 MR reader comes with RS232 interface and prints card’s UID on COM port. It draws power from PS/2 interface. Output format is 8H (8 signs in hexadecimal). Output format can’t be changed. To use this reader, some computer knowledge or programming skills might be required.

These readers are most commonly used in industry, plugged on controllers.

Manufacturer: Promag
Title: PCR-300MR
Frequency: 13,56 MHz
RF protocol: Mifare
Interface: RS232
Size: 100 x 65 x 24 mm (V/Š/D)

Newer operating systems will automatically install the drivers. Click here to download Promag PCR 300 drivers for Windows 7 and older operating systems. 

MIFARE® and MIFARE CLASSIC® are registered trademarks, owned by NXP B.V. There is no affiliation between NXP B.V. and RFIDspecialist (Mave d.o.o.).

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