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PVC cards with QR code
(Product ID: 1034)

our printed cards may also include a fixed or variable QR code
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QR code is very popular way to connect a physical card to the digital world. The QR code may contain a web link, whole business card (vCard) information, contents of a UPN payment order, etc.

QR codes are usually printed in a square with a white background. The size of the QR code is influenced by the amount of data in the code and the QR code on the card measures from 1x1 cm onwards.

If the QR code contains the content of the entire business card, we suggest a size of at least 35 x 35 mm or depending on the content you want, check the recommended code size.

The position of the QR code on the card is arbitrary, and one bit can also contain multiple QR codes (several on the same page, or on both sides).

The contents of the QR code can be static or variable. In the case of variable QR code, it is recommended to use an Excel table where you enter desired data to be encoded in QR code. The card printing program then automatically captures the contents from the Excel file and prints cards with encoded QR codes.

There is no minimum quantity for printing PVC cards with QR code and we have been printing from 1 card onwards.

Small quantities (eg 1 to 500 cards) are printed using technology called thermal re-transfer printing, and for printing 500 or more cards it is more reasonable to use offset printing, where the image of the cards is printed during production at the factory while variables can be printed subsequently.

Production  time: 2-3 days for thermal re-transfer printing, 2-3 weeks for offset printing

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