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Designing a graphic template for membership cards, loyalty cards
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instructions for drawing graphics and samples of membership cards, benefits cards, gift cards ...
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Most of our clients design the cards themselves, or in collaboration with the designers they already work with.

Standard bank cards measure 86x54 mm. To the right are technical instructions for printing, as well as sample images with the items most commonly contained in membership cards, benefit cards, and gift cards.


Membership cards most often contain information about the member (name, surname, membership number) and information about the association. The card may also have a photo of the member, but it is not necessary, since collecting members' photos and preparing them for printing is sometimes a time-consuming task. On the back of the membership card you can usually find information about the organization (eg name, address, tax) and fields for affixing validity stickers. Membership renewal stickers are much cheaper than making new ID cards and therefore, validity stickers are often used.


Loyalty cards have creative design on the front side with a company logo and an inscription that they are benefits cards, loyalty cards, trust cards or similar. On the back side you usually find the terms of use of the card and the bar code with the card number. Card numbers or the number ranking can only be selected by the company.


We suggest that numbers start with a different number than 0 to avoid the dilemma of starting zero or not, so start with 00001. The number can start with 20170001 or 10000001. The number of places is arbitrary, unless special bar codes are used. The most commonly used barcode is Code 128 and the number of characters is arbitrary (6 or more are recommended), otherwise EAN13 or EAN8 and others are used. For EAN13, a company specifies 12 characters and 13th character are calculated using the code generator. Similar is the case with the EAN8 type code, except that 7 characters are specified and 8 are generated automatically.


Gift Cards contain the inscription Gift card, Gift card or similar on the front and the terms, issuer details and bar code on the back.

Some gift cards also contain an inscription with the value e.g. € 10, € 25, € 50, while others have blank space where value can be written at the time of purchase.


If you need help designing a graphic for your card or if you have any further questions, we will be happy to help.

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