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Magnetic Stripe Cards
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ideal for gyms, restaurants, shops, and so on. Type HiCo or LoCo and in blank or printed...
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Magnetic stripes use magnetic fields that either have high coercivity (HiCo) or low coercivity (LoCo). The main difference between these two card types lies in how difficult it is to encode and erase the information stored on the magnetic stripe. HiCo 30 mil PVC cards can be swiped over and over and are perfect choice for credit and debit cards, loyalty cards, employee cards, etc. LoCo 30 mil PVC cards aren't as long lasting as their HiCo counterparts but are ideal for hotel key cards, transit cards or any application where cards are swiped sparingly. 

Small amounts (1 to 500) are usually printed with a thermal re-transfer, which is more durable than the cheaper thermal transfer (often called dye-sublimation or direct printing). Quantities over 500 cards are printed with offset printing.

Availability: within 2-3 days for blank cards and thermal re-transfer printing, or within 2-3 weeks for offset printing

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