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Membership PVC cards
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Membership cards are colour printed PVC cards as banking cards (86x54mm) and may contain a photograph of members, member data, bar code, RFID or NFC chip...
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Membership cards are usually double-sided, full-color printed with image of the association. On the front side is a color printed photograph of a member and their data (such as name, card number, etc.), on the back side is usually data of the association (name, address, phone, email, etc.) and space for stickers for validity.

We can produce from only few cards or up to hundreds of thousands of cards.

Small amounts (1 to 500) are usually printed with thermal re-transfer print, which is more durable than the cheaper thermal transfer (also called dye-sublimation or direct printing). Quantities of over 500 cards are printed with offset printing. In this case, it is better to do a pre-press with the largest quantity of cards batches to be printed. With this printing process the price reduces in accordance with an increased quantity to print. Once the cards have been pre-printed, then we personalize them with details of members, the rest of the cards are kept for further, regularly printing.

Production time: within 2-3 days for thermal re-transfer, or within 2-3 weeks for offset printing

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