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Single color lanyards with a breakaway buckle
(Product ID: 1668)

Single color lanyards with a ‘breakaway’ buckle which have a built-in security feature that releases when pulled or when pressure is applied. Perfect option for schools, hospitals, child care facilities, and manufacturing facilities,
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Product ID: 1668


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Single color lanyards are straps that are worn around the neck to carry keys, badges, ID cards for identification, mobile phones, or other small items like RFID key fobs, pens, etc. They are often also used to display ID cards in conventions, businesses, hospitals, concerts, and other applications where security is required.

Single color lanyards with a breakaway buckle are finished lanyards made from nice to wear tubular polyester material with a sturdy swivel hook. They come in many colors to choose (black, blue, green, orange, yellow, gray, and violet), and you can pick the color that suits your organization the most.

A ‘breakaway’ buckle is built-in security feature that releases when pulled or when pressure is applied and prevents choking or hanging. 

If you are looking for imprinted lanyards with promotional content, company logos, event names, etc., please check out the custom lanyards.


Length: 45 cm (the dimension of the strap is 90 cm)
Width: 12 mm
Material: nice-to-wear tubular polyester material 
Attachement: Swivel Hook, Breakaway buckle

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