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Printed Lanyards
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Are you looking for a perfect solution for wearing your Employee IDs, Conference Badges, or keys? Do you need branded lanyards for marketing purposes and do you need them as soon as possible? We are collaborating with a very responsive European lanyard manufacturer and we will help you out. For a quotation, please send us your required quantity and other specifications or visit our web shop and select the plain color lanyards and badge-holders from our stock.
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Lanyards are straps which are worn around the neck to carry keys, badges, ID cards for identification, mobile phones, or other small items. They are often used also to display the ID cards in corporations, hospitals, conventions, trade fairs, concerts, and other applications where security is required.

Promotional lanyards are usually in imprinted with promotional content, company logos, event names, etc. Our lanyards are usually made form nice-to-wear polyester material with a width of 10, 16, 20, or 25 mm, and with a total length of 90 cm, which mean 35–40 cm, when worn around the neck.

The printing technology we use the most for printing on lanyards is a type of full-color print called ‘Dye-sublimation.’ If Dye-sublimated lanyards contain logos with small text, the most popular stripe width is 20 mm. Narrower lanyards are a better option if you need a color background and a text or thick logos. The stripes for print are white and they are available in two variations – the smooth polyester (sometimes called ‘satin’) and a ribbed one. Since the sharpness of the print is better on the smooth material, we recommend this one. 

The artwork can be full-color (CMYK) and it may contain gradients too. We can print different artwork on the inner/outer side of a lanyard – but there is one limitation. Since the lanyard material is a bit elastic, we cannot synchronize the content of both artworks (for example, we cannot print the inner and outer logos in the same position). We take this into consideration when preparing an artwork proof, and our clients receive a pdf with a preview of the whole lanyard before production.

Lanyards can contain different kinds of clips and attachments. The most popular clips are Swivel Hooks, but they are also available in Split Rings, a Badge Reel with a strap, a mobile phone string and buckle, a safety or breakaway buckle, oval hooks (lobster claw), bottle openers, etc. We often produce lanyards with multiple clips – like the combination of swivel hook and split rings, or a swivel hook and mobile phone string.

Lanyards can have a built-in security feature known as a ‘breakaway’ buckle. This attachment is sewn in the middle of the lanyard and it releases when pulled or when pressure is applied. This prevents choking or hanging. Lanyards with a breakaway feature are most often used in schools, hospitals, child care facilities, and manufacturing facilities, but we recommend adding this feature even when used for other purposes.

The lanyard manufacturing process is the following: First, we prepare an artwork proof with a preview of the whole lanyard. After the confirmation, we imprint the lanyard artworks on both sides of white polyester stripe with a multicolor dye-sublimation printing technology. Then, we cut the lanyards to a standard length (usually 90 cm) and at the end we add the desired kind of carabiner hook or other attachment. The minimum quantity is 50 pcs. The lanyards are by default packet in bundles of 50 pcs., but we are offering single packing in transparent bags as well. The usual production time is about a week, but sometimes we can help even if order is urgent and the deadline is shorter.

Why choose us?

-    We guarantee fast and quality production of lanyards
-    We make sure that the color shades are correct
-    We place great emphasis on quality workmanship and customer satisfaction
-    All we need to make your neck straps is your logo and preview instructions. Everything else will be done by us.

Do you need help or quotation?

Send an email to info@rfidspecialist.eu or call +38641 884 124, and we will be happy to help you.

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