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Horizontal Soft Vinyl Badge Holder
(Product ID: 1355)

This clear badge holder helps protect your ID badges from general wear and tear...
Price/item: 0,53 EUR (with vat 0,65 EUR)
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Product ID: 1355


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The badge holder comes in landscape orientation, making it great for a variety of credit card-sized contents. The badge holder is finished with a hole for lanyard or badge clip attachments. The hole give you the option of predominately displaying the transparent vinyl credit card-sized badge holder around your neck.
Dimensions of the standard card: 86 x 54 mm 
Outer dimensions: 91 x 76 mm
Inner dimensions: 87 x 55 mm
Orientation: horizontal (side slot) 
Thickness: 0,19 mm
Holes: round Ø 4 mm or oval 13 x 3 mm
Colour: transparent

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