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White RFID cards with 13.56 MHz chip F08 4kB
(Product ID: 1198)

13.56 MHz RFID cards compliant with ISO14443A series...
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The card has a built-in RFID chip which operates at frequency of 13.56 MHz and in accordance with standard ISO14443A. They are suitable for use in applications that require a higher level of security, such as an e-ticket or e-Banking applications.
 Manufacturer:  Fudan
 Function:  Read/Write
 Memory:  4 KB EEPROM
 Frequency:  13.56 MHz
 RF protocol:  ISO 14443A
 Reading distance:  8-10 cm
 Modulation:  ASK
 Dimensions:  CR80 (85,60 x 53,98 mm)
 Thickness:  0,84 mm
 Material:  PVC, PET
 Printing options:  offset, thermal re-transfer, thermal transfer

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