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RFID UHF stickers with Higgs-3 Gen 2
(Product ID: 1601)

Popular UHF tags, commonly used in logistics…
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Since Alien Higgs-3 chips are not available anymore, we sugest to choose the UHF Stickers with a UCODE 8 chip:

RFID tags with UHF chip Higgs-3 has excellent reading distance and low price.

UHF tags are used in logistics for tagging products, for process optimization in industry, for location tagging, etc.

Chips by default contain EPC (electronic Product Code) and can be programmed to contain specific EPC number of your choosing.

Frequency: 860-960 MHz
RF protocol: Gen2
Reading distance: up to 10 m (depends on reader)
Printing options: possible for larger quantities

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