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Dual Frequency Key Fobs with a Writable 125 kHz chip T5577 and a 13.56 MHz F08 chip
(Product ID: 3356)

Dual Frequency
Are you looking for RFID transponders in the form of a keychain with a commonly used combination of a 13.56 MHz chip and a 125 kHz programmable chip – a dual frequency key fob that is ideal for access control systems operating on different frequencies?

Check out our newest dual frequency key fobs with the combination of T5577 and F08 chips.

The F08 is very widely used 13.56 MHz chip, often used with various access control devices – especially in inexpensive stand-alone devices. If your access control systems work on an ISO 14443 protocol and you are able to enrol new users, then this key fob should be ok for you.

The T5577 chip operates on a frequency of 125 kHz and has a programmable memory. You can use this chip to clone other 125 kHz cards or key fobs. This can be done with inexpensive and accessible hand-held devices called ‘cloners.’ Many locksmiths already have such devices and can copy your old 125 kHz card to a new key fob like this one.

This way you can use a single RFID key fob for opening your garage door and entering your apartment.

To get the best performance, these dual frequency key fobs have a slightly bigger round-shaped housing measuring 42 x 36 x 6 mm, and they are available in multiple colors (blue, gray, black, green, red, orange, and yellow).

If you need larger quantities send an email to info@rfidspecialist.eu or call +38641 884 124 and we will be happy to help you.

If you are an integrator or reseller, we offer special discounts.
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Product ID: 3356


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These dual frequency RFID key fobs contain two widely used proximity chips and can be used to unlock the electronic locks, recording attendance at work, and for identifying users in countless other applications.

The T5577 RFID chip is a writable 125 kHz chip, and when programmed it works like the 125 kHz read-only chips: EM4200, TK4100, H4100, EM4102, and more. 

To program the chips, you can use inexpensive and accessible equipment. Several key-makers (in shopping malls, etc.) can duplicate both your regular keys made from metal and your digital key stored on a RFID card or key fob. 

If needed, you can easily re-program the chip or change the chip ID multiple times.

Banking cards and other secure RFID cards have their security on another level, which is why you cannot use T5577 chips to duplicate banking cards.

Sometimes the access control system providers use some security elements which prevent the users from using their own transponders, and in these cases the cloned key fobs cannot work.

The T5577 chips are quite commonly used in older wellness and hotel systems where the room management system generates a temporary key and stores it on the card.

The F08 is an ISO 14443 chip, it has a preprogrammed 4-byte long unique ID number which is used as key identifier in various RFID systems operating at 13.56 MHz, as well as a storage capacity of 1kB byte for storing transaction details or other information.

These dual frequency RFID key fobs have a slightly bigger round-shaped ABS housing measuring 42 x 36 x 6 mm. They are available in multiple colors (blue, gray, black, green, red, orange, and yellow). 

We especially selected this type of housing so that we were able to use the biggest transponder antennas – which guarantee the best key fob operation.

By default, the key fobs do not contain the numeration or other printed elements, but if you need customization, please let us know and we will send you an offer.

Options for customization (for pricing please send us an inquiry)

RFID key fobs of any color

If you need RFID key fobs with a specific color, please send us the inquiry with the color number from a Pantone scale and we will check if there is a possibility to produce such key fobs.

RFID key fobs with custom print or serialization

RFID key fobs are usually without any serial numbers or other print, but when needed we can personalize the key fobs, too. For personalization, we usually use a UV printing technology that prints both in CMYK colors and in white. This way we print high quality company logos in nice bright colors.

When we have to serialize the key fobs with chip ID codes, we take extra care that we print the code in the proper format. 
RFID key fobs with other RFID chips

There are a lot of different RFID chips and they differ in operating frequency, the amount of memory, reading distance, supported protocols, additional protection, or other functionalities.

If you need the RFID key fob with another chip or a specific combination of chips, please send an inquiry.

The RFID chips we use the most are:
•    13.56 MHz: MIFARE Classic®, MIFARE DESFire®, NTAG, ICODE®, MIFARE Ultralight, Fudan F08, etc. 
•    125 kHz chips: EM4200, TK4100, T5577, etc. 
•    UHF chips: Alien Higgs 9, UCODE 8, etc. 

Reading test for dual frequency key fobs

We tested our dual frequency key fobs with different kinds of readers and measured the reading distances. This is not an official test, and was made to inform you what reading distances you may expect with your application.

RFID reader Reading distance
ACR1252U 3,5 cm
SYRIS RD300-H1-G 3,5 cm
SYRIS RD200-M1 2,5 cm
R80C 3 cm
Promag PCR-330M-00 1,5 cm
Syris RD200-LF 2,5 cm
Promag PCR-330A-00 125 kHz RFID Card Reader 2,5 cm
125 kHz RFID reader R80D 1,5 cm

The reading distance between the key fob and the reader is affected by many different factors, like the size of the antennas and quality of the chips, the interferences of metal, and electromagnetic signals, etc.

Technical specifications for dual frequency key fobs with T5577 and F08 chips

Chip: T5577
Chip manufacturer: Atmel Temic 
Chip: T5577 (basic component: Atmel® ATA5577M1330C IDIC® chip)
Compatible with: EM4100, EM4102, TK4100, T5557
Frequency: 125 kHz
Reading distance: up to 10 cm

Chip: F08 1k
Chip manufacturer: Fudan
Chip: F08 1k with a 4-byte long ID
ISO/IEC standards: 14443-4A/B 
Memory size: 1 Kbytes of data
Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz
Reading distance: up to 10 cm (usually up to 5 cm)

Key fob dimensions: 42 x 36 mm
Thickness: 6 mm
Material: ABS

If you need larger quantities send an email to info@rfidspecialist.eu or call +38641 884 124 and we will be happy to help you.

If you are an integrator or reseller, we offer special discounts.

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