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RFID label size 86x54 mm and a 13.56 MHz chip F08
(Product ID: 1815)

Wet inlay with 13.56 MHz, ISO 14443A compliant chip with 1 kB of memory.
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Product ID: 1815


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This thin RFID label, size 86 x 54 mm with F08 13.56 MHz chip with it’s big antenna (76 x 45 mm) offers fast and reliable reading as it offers bigger reading surface. This label offers reading distance around approximately 5cm. Reading distance also depends on device used for reading labels.

F08 RFID chip is one of most commonly used 13.56 MHz chips on the market. 8 characters long unique ID can be used for identification. It comes with 1 kB user writeable memory. Unique identifier number is publicly visible, but user memory can be locked with custom key.

Wet inlay RFID labels are extremely thin and come with adhesive layer and suitable for mounting under other non-conducting material. Labels don’t work if put on metal surface.
Chip: F08
Function & Frequency: Read / Write, 13,56 MHz
Memory: 1 kB
RF protocol: ISO 14443 A
Size: 86 x 54 mm, 0,1 mm thick
For use on metal: No

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