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125 kHz EM Clamshell long range card
(Product ID: 1590)

125 kHz cards in robust case with longer range
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125 kHz RFID cards with popular EM chip and rectangular antenna. Cards are protected by robust case and longest reading distance among 125 kHz cards from our selection of cards.
Reading distance depends on reader.
Long range readers can read these tags up to 50 cm away from the reader.
Cards come with printed serial number on the card. Format of printed number is 8H-10D, which is most common setting found on readers.
RF protocol: EM 4100 / EM4102 / EM 4200
Frequency: 125 kHz
Memory: 64 bit – read only memory
Modulation: ASK
Rading distance: usually between 8 and 10 cm (depending on reader)
Dimensions: 85,60 x 54 mm
Thickness: 1,80 mm
Material: PVC

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