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RD300-DES1 Syris DESFire desktop reader
(Product ID: 3272)

New Syris desktop reader / writer designed specially for chips MIFARE® DESFIRE. By default it works as keyboard emulator but it supports reading from memory and other advanced funcktions as well. other functions as well.
It comes with development tools and sample codes and it is suitable for all applications which work with MIFARE DESFire cards, key fobs, tags and other types of transponders...
Price/item: 159,00 EUR (with vat 193,98 EUR)
Status: In stock
Dispatching time: 1-3 days
Product ID: 3272


159,00 EUR

Total with vat:
193,98 EUR
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• Support NXP Mifare,DESFire EVl /EV2 read/write.
• Support format DESFire tag.
• Support auto read DESFire UID/block.
• Built-in two colors LED and buzzer alert.
• Provide Protocol and API development tool.
• Support decimal, hexadecimal and ASCII ID formats.
• Powered by USB connection to notebook or desktop PC USB Keyboard Emulation.
• Unique serial number for identification.


• Operating temperature: -20°C to 65°C
• Storage temperature: -30°C to 85°C 


- PC Autentication
- Print Control
- Program Development
- ID Identification
- Access Control
- Password Login

Technical specification:

Frequency: 13,56 MHz
Interface:  USB 2.0 compliant 
Card compatibility: Mifare (ISO-14443A), NXP DES Fire EVl /EV2 read/write.
Read range: 0-5 cm 
Indicator: two colors LED and buzzer 
Input voltage: Standard USB power - 5V 500 mA 
Operating temperature: - 20°C to 65°C, 5 to 95% RH 
Storage temperature : -30°C to 85°C, 5 to 95% RH
Dimensions: 62.3 W x 87.7 H x 18.4 D (mm)

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