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Promag UR220-00 wall reader for MIFARE®
(Product ID: 1381)

UR220-00 is 13,56 MHz Wiegand reader designed for access control applications. This device works with chips MIFARE Desfire®, MIFARE Classic®, MIFARE Ultralight and F08.
Price/item: 80,00 EUR (with vat 97,60 EUR)
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Product ID: 1381


80,00 EUR

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97,60 EUR
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The Promag UR220-00 operates at a frequency  of 13.56 MHz and is in accordance with standard ISO14443A series. Under optimal conditions, the reading distance is up to 50 mm. It also contains an LED and buzzer speaker which can be freely programmed. UR220 is suitable for use in access control systems and because of his waterproof design is excellent for outdoor application.
 Name:  UR220
 RF Protocol:  ISO14443A, MIFARE Classic® 1K/4K
 Frequency:  13.56 MHz
 Reading distance:  up to 50 mm
 Dimensions:  3,2 x 10 x 1,8 cm
 Interface: Wiegand 26 bit

MIFARE® and MIFARE CLASSIC® are registered trademarks, owned by NXP B.V. There is no affiliation between NXP B.V. and RFIDspecialist (Mave d.o.o.).

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