Factors which affect the operation of chips and readers explained
17. Jun 2021
In over 12 years of operation in the field of RFID technology, we have helped our customers solve many problems, and below are the 7 most common reasons for RFID chips or readers to not work properly. If you need professional advice, we are available at info@rfidspecialist.eu.
What is the difference between NTAG213, NTAG216, and Mifare DESFire?
04. May 2021
The NFC transponders like NFC stickers, key fobs, tags, discs, cards, labels, and wristbands contain a NFC chip and an antenna inside different kinds of housings.  There are as many as five types of contactless chips which are compatible with NFC protocols and they have their own specific properties. With this article, we will clarify the differences between NFC chips so you will know which is the best for your NFC application. 
What is the difference between NFC stickers, tags, labels, key fobs, discs, cards, and NFC wristbands?
07. April 2021
The term ‘NFC tag’ is commonly used when searching for different kind of NFC transponders like NFC stickers, key fobs, discs, cards, labels, and even wristbands. This article hopes to clarify the differences so you know which transponder best suits your needs, and you will get the appropriate NFC product.