NFC business card for fast and contactless transfer of your contact information

Digital business card - a business gift that can also be sent by mail

27. October 2021
In this article, we present you with an idea for a useful business gift - Digital Business Card. With a digital business card, you can transfer your contact information to the phone book of your new friends or business partners quickly and in a contactless way.

A digital business card is a plastic card that contains a NFC chip in which the recipient writes his contact information with his phone, and when he meets a new friend or business partner, he can quickly transfer his contact information to a friend’s phone with just a scan.

The end of the year is approaching and it is right to occasionally thank our customers, business partners, and employees. A digital business card is a small attention and useful gift that will make everyone happy. Even if you can’t visit your partners in person, you can send them this gift right by mail. Your logo on a digital business card will be seen by many other people, as we all like to brag when we get something that others don’t have yet.

What is a digital business card and what is it for?

A digital business card is a plastic business card in the form of a bank card that contains an NFC chip in which the recipient can enter their contact information.

With it, we manage a quick and contactless transfer of our contact information to the phone book of our new friends or business partners.

The image of a digital business card used as a gift is usually neutral (does not contain contact information), but may contain your logo or web address to promote your business.

You can attach it to other gifts or paste it on a personalized greeting card and send it right by mail.

How does a digital business card work?

The recipient of the digital business card will download a free application to his mobile phone, through which he will enter his contact details on the digital business card.

When the digital business card is scanned with another phone, the content of the business card is automatically displayed on the screen and it can be saved into the phonebook.

How will the recipient of such a gift know what to do with it?

A new digital business card can contain the instructions for use or customized note and this information will be shown when the user will scan it for the first time.

How to write a digital business card data?

Install the NFC tools application on your mobile phone:

2. Select Write - Add Record
3. Select Add Contact
4. Enter your details
5. Press Write and touch the phone to the digital business card

What contact data does a digital business card contain?

The NFC business card encoded with NFC Tools contains the following data:
- First Name Last Name
- Company
- Title
- Phone
- Email
- Web page

The content of the business card is saved in vCard format, also known as VCF (Virtual Contact File).

What is the minimum quantity and production time?

We produce even the smallest quantities. Quantities from 1 to 300 digital business cards, we print with a technology called ‘thermal re-transfer printing’ and the delivery time is only 2–3 days.

Quantities over 300 digital business cards are usually printed with offset printing technology and delivery time is approx. 3 weeks.

Which NFC chip is suitable for an NFC business card?

For NFC business cards, we recommend the use of NFC type 2 chips, namely the NTAG215 or NTAG216 chip. These two chips have more memory than the very widespread NFC chip NTAG213. The NTAG213 chip has only 144 bytes of memory, which allows the writing of 136 characters, and this alone is usually not enough for the contents of the business card.

Can I use a digital business card for any other purpose?

In addition to the fast exchange of contact information, the NFC chip also offers many other possibilities for use. You can enter a link to another web presentation in the chip or encode another NFC functions.

If you have any questions send an email to or call +38641 884 124 and we will be happy to help you.
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