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Rigid badge holder with clip
(Product ID: 1603)

Hard badge holder with clip for carrying ID cards
Price/item: 1,48 EUR (with vat 1,81 EUR)
Status: In stock
Dispatching time: 1-3 days

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Product ID: 1603


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148,00 EUR

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180,56 EUR
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Quantity Price/pcs
≥ 1 1,75 EUR
≥ 10 1,67 EUR
≥ 25 1,63 EUR
≥ 50 1,54 EUR
≥ 75 1,50 EUR
≥ 100 1,48 EUR
≥ 150 1,40 EUR
≥ 200 1,35 EUR
≥ 300 1,30 EUR
≥ 500 1,27 EUR


Rigid badge holder is excellent choice for when you want to carry ID card around for long periods of time like work ID cards, visitor ID cards, etc.
Badge holder is sturdy, durable and transparent, which makes the card clearly visible. Good quality design strip hole makes this badge holder suitable for long term use. Cards don’t fall out and with normal use this badge holder isn’t going to break easily.
Badge holder is suitable for carrying standard size PVC cards, like credit cards (86 mm x 54 mm x 0,76 mm or 0,85 mm with RFID chip).
Reinforced strap clip attaches well to clothes. Metal lock doesn’t come undone if pulled on.
Badge holder with a clip can be attached to a pocket, belt or pants. If you rotate the metal lock for 90° and can be attached to shirts.

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