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Heavy Duty Badge Reel
(Product ID: 1145)

heavy duty badge reel with a belt clip and clear vinyl strap...
Price/item: 2,81 EUR (with vat 3,43 EUR)
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Dispatching time: 1-3 days
Product ID: 1145


281,00 EUR

Total with vat:
342,82 EUR
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Quantity Price/pcs
≥ 1 3,00 EUR
≥ 10 2,96 EUR
≥ 25 2,92 EUR
≥ 50 2,89 EUR
≥ 75 2,85 EUR
≥ 100 2,81 EUR
≥ 150 2,79 EUR
≥ 200 2,76 EUR
≥ 300 2,74 EUR
≥ 500 2,72 EUR


The round heavy-duty badge reel comes in a plastic and chrome colour combination. The slide-type belt clip on the back fastens easily to a user's belt loop. It has a retracting nylon cord which allows the contents to be read with out removing from the belt, then retracted again to a safe place. This reel ideal for industries in which IDs must be out of the way. The badge reel is finished with a reinforced vinyl strap.

Case: round Ø 40 mm
Cord length: 61 cm
Colour: black (front side)

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