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UHF RFID cards chip Alien Higgs-3
(Product ID: 1490)

RFID cards with long distance reading capabilities....
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Since Alien Higgs-3 chips are not available anymore, we sugest to choose the UHF Cards with a UCODE 8 chip:

RFID cards with UHF chip Higgs-3, EPC Class 1 Gen 2, from Alien manufacturer contain 860 ~ 960 MHz UHF chip, compatible with EPC Class 1 Gen 2 standard and ISO-118000-6C.

Reading distance is up to 10m, which makes it perfect for use in scenarios where you need reading distance of more than 1m.

UHF chips are commonly found in garage parking systems, road toll systems, logistics, etc.


Funciton: R/W

Memory: 512 bit

Working frequency: 860 ~ 960 MHz

RF protocol: EPC Gen 2

Reading distance: up to 10 m (depending on reader)

Dimensions: CR80 (85,60 x 53,98 mm)

Thickness: 0,84 mm

Material: PVC

Printing options: thermal re-transfer, thermal transfer, offset

We can print UHF cards with your design, your logo or just enumerate them.

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