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RFID wristbands with a 125 kHz programmable T5577 chip
(Product ID: 1679)

RFID wristbands with UID programabile T5577 chip
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Product ID: 1679


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RFID wristbands T5577 are the latest model of Temic chip, which are fully compatible with older versions of the T5567 and T5557 chip.

They are read-write RFID wristbands that operate at a frequency of 125 kHz. Wristbands contain a unique serial number ( RFID ID) for the purpose of identification and are suitable for use in demanding environments, for example where it is necessary to protect the contents of the card with a password.

These RFID wristbands are excellent solution for access control, prepaid systems, ticketing, loyalty program systems, time attendance and identification of employees.
Manufacturer: Atmel
Chip: T5577
Frequency: 125 kHz
Memory: 330 bit - read/write EEPROM memory
Modulation: ASK
Reading distance: 2-3 cm
Dimensions: 335 mm, long, band width: 20 mm, chip area: 35 mm width
Thickness: max 2 mm
Material: PVC

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