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Premium RFID key fob with 125 kHz chip
(Product ID: 1037)

Prestige RFID key fobs with 125 kHz chips contain chip 125 kHz read only chip TK4100, which works as EM4200, EM4102 and others.
Price/item: 3,05 EUR (with vat 3,72 EUR)
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Product ID: 1037


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305,00 EUR

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372,10 EUR
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Quantity Price/pcs
≥ 1 3,45 EUR
≥ 10 3,38 EUR
≥ 25 3,21 EUR
≥ 50 3,14 EUR
≥ 75 3,09 EUR
≥ 100 3,05 EUR
≥ 150 3,00 EUR
≥ 200 2,96 EUR
≥ 300 2,90 EUR
≥ 500 2,40 EUR


Keyfob is made from leather imitation with metal ring. These key fobs are made for use in applications where the aesthetics are important. Suitable for opening front doors, garage doors, turning alarm off, access controls at work,…
Chip: TK4100
RF protokol: EM (comatibble with EM4200, EM4102, EM4100)
Operatin frequency: 125 kHz
Reading distance: to 5 cm (it depends on the reader)
Dimensions: aprox. 110 mm long (together with ring) x 35 mm wide x 7 mm (thickest metallic part)
Material: leather imitation, metal

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