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Plastic NFC stickers with a ICODE SLIX chip
(Product ID: 1816)

small plastic and waterproof NFC sticker for readers which support the protocol ISO 15693. Sticker dimension is dimension 15 x 30 mm.
Price/item: 0,69 EUR (with vat 0,84 EUR)
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Product ID: 1816


69,00 EUR

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84,18 EUR
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≥ 10 0,95 EUR
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≥ 50 0,75 EUR
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≥ 300 0,63 EUR
≥ 500 0,59 EUR
≥ 1000 0,55 EUR
≥ 2000 0,53 EUR


NFC sticker with a Type 4 NFC chip ICODE SLIX. They work with readers that support ISO15693 standard. Some NFC enabled mobile phones (such as Samsung Galaxy S7) can read these chips as well.

Every sticker comes with preprogrammed unique ID number (UID) which is simplest identifier to use in application, for quick identification of user or equipment. If you require higher level of security, we recommend using combination of UID number and your custom string encoded on tag.
Function & Frequency: Read / Write, 13,56 MHz
Memory: 106 Bytes (after formatting)
RF protocol: ISO 15693
Size: 15x30 mm, thickness 0,1 mm
Material: PET
On-metal protection: No

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