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White RFID cards with a chip MIFARE Classic EV1 1k 7 byte UID
(Product ID: 1682)

blank cards with next generation of MIFARE Classic® chip, with 1kB memory and a 7 byte-long unique ID
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The cards contain the original MIFARE Classic® EV1 7 byte UID RFID chip from NXP.

Conventional Mifare cards have only a 4-byte UID, which means that the reader reads only 8 digits in HEX format, and for RFID cards with a 7-byte UID, the reader reads 14 digits in HEX format, similar to NFC cards.

MIFARE Classic® EV1 7 byte UID chip can be used with readers supporting the protocol ISO 14443A and is fully compatible with previous generation MIFARE Classic® chip systems. MIFARE Classic® EV1 cards have a higher level of security than their MIFARE Classic® 1K / 4K predecessors, Originality Signature for quick chip authentication, etc.

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