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NFC custom made epoxy key fobs
(Product ID: 3004)

NFC key fob with colour print and polyurethane 3D layer, with custom NFC chip
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NFC key fob with PVC core that enables one-sided or two-sided coloured print with your design. For extra protection there is added a layer of polyurethane that offers protection from environmental factors. Key fob comes with nylon string.

We offer key fobs with standard NFC chips: NTAG213, NTAG216, MIFARE Classic Ultralight® and other.

3D NFC key fobs are ideal for applications such as access control, cashless payment, opening electric locks, as promotion material or for personal use.

Material: PVC and polyurethane
Size: oval shape; 57 mm x 30 mm x 3 mm
IP class: IP68

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