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Interactive Roll-up stands with NFC tags
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perfect marketing tool, which connects virtual world with digital through smartphone
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Interactive roll-up stands are made the same way as classic roll up stands, the difference is, they come with programmed NFC tags.

They enable the user with NFC smartphones to:
Visit a website,
See YouTube or Vimeo video,
Start navigation app with predefined destination,
Open Facebook or Instagram page,
Open (or install & open) mobile app from Play store,
Transfer contact information to users phone,
File transfer,
Open web order,
Start a call or send an SMS,
Open StreetView app for defined address,
Use of Roll-up stands is very common on fairs, conferences and other events, as it is easy to put away and carry it around.
Roll-up stands with NFC are available in 3 sizes:
85 x 200 cm
100 x 200 cm
120 x 200 cm
Bag for carrying the stand is included.

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