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Epoxy NFC key fobs with a NTAG213 chip
(Product ID: 3208)

These robust 50 x 25 mm NFC key fobs have an approx. 1 mm thick polyurethane (epoxy) layer on top of each side which protects the printed artwork and makes them very nice looking.

The 5 mm hole allows the key fobs to be attached to a keychain, ring, or other pendants.

They are waterproof and ideal for opening doors with smart locks and identify users in various NFC applications.

The embedded NFC chip is the well-known NXP NTAG213 chip which operates accordingly to the ISO/IEC 14443 protocol, contains a 7 byte-long unique identification number, and has a user memory of 144 bytes – which is equal to a 136 character-long URL address or other text.

Smart locks and identification apps usually use for authentication the unique identification number, but you may use the same key fobs also for other purposes.

They can open URL links, video links, they can start your navigation to a destination address, they are used for Bluetooth pairing, Wi-Fi configuration, and more.

To program the epoxy key fobs, you can use your mobile phone and a free application like NFC Tools, NXP TagWriter, or others.

You can purchase the NFC key fobs with generic artwork online or send us an inquiry for personalized key fobs with your company logo, serial numbers, etc. The minimum quantity for personalized epoxy key fobs is 100 pcs.
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Product ID: 3208


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NFC epoxy key fobs are cool looking and handy NFC transponders in the form of a keychain and are very convenient to carry around. 

They are ideal to use for access control with some newer smart locks, personal use or other identification purposes. 

On the top of each side there is a polyurethane dome which protects the printed artwork, underneath there is an approx. 1 mm thick PVC layer that contains a NTAG213 NFC chip.

The NTAG213 NFC chips are made by NXP Semiconductors and are the most popular NFC Type 2 chips – inexpensive chips, designed for mass market applications. They work according to the ISO/IEC 14443-3A standard, have a preprogrammed 7-byte long unique ID number, and a memory of 144 bytes which is equal to a 136 character-long URL address or other text. 

These NFC chips can be programmed with regular mobile phones with NFC capabilities (Android and newer iPhones), or desktop readers ACR1252U and computer applications.

To program NFC tags with a mobile phone or your computer, check the applications like NFC Tools, NXP TagXplorer, and other NFC apps.

The programmed chip can be locked with a password, and the chip cannot be preprogrammed by other unauthorized users. The data retention time for these chips is 10 years.

Reading test for Epoxy NFC key fobs with a NTAG213 chip

The reading distance between the key fob and the reader is affected by many different factors, like the size of the antennas and quality of the chips, the interferences of metal, and electromagnetic signals, etc.

Check out the reading distances you may expect with these key fobs and our most popular NFC readers.
RFID reader  Reading distance
ACR1252U 4,5 cm
SYRIS RD300-H1-G 4,5 cm
R80U 4 cm
SYRIS RD200-M1 3 cm

Technical specification

Manufacturer: NXP Semiconductors
Chip: NTAG213 (NFC Type 2)
Protocol: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A.
Frequency: 13.56 MHz
Memory size: 144 bytes of data which is equal to a 136 character-long URL address.

Security: 7-byte long preprogrammed chip Unique ID number, ECC-based originality signature, 32-bit password protection to prevent unauthorized memory operations and Field programmable read-only locking function

Reading distance: up to 10 cm
Dimensions: 50 x 25 mm
Thickness: approx. 3 mm
Hole size: 5 mm (3 mm from edges)
Material: polyurethane dome, PVC

Technical documentation for chips NTAG213 and software tools are available here:


If you need larger quantities or personalized NFC key fobs, please send us an inquiry with your specification.

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