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Anti-skimming Card RFID Blockers
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Modern payment cards have a built-in microchip that transmits the card’s information wirelessly. Criminals can take advantage of this technology by using a scanner that wirelessly scans the victim's payment card in the same way that a cash register scans it, when making a contactless payment.

There are several products you can buy that help stop your cards from being skimmed, and using anti-skimming card RFID Blockers is one of the simplest.

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Product ID: 1803


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Anti-skimming Card RFID blockers are the same shape and size as a regular credit card and contain a special contactless chip jams the signal and prevents unauthorized access to the information of nearby credit cards and other cards with a contactless chip. 

How they work?

The anti-skimming chip works with the same principles as other passive RFID cards. When the card is not in the range of a reader, it doesn’t emit any signals. However, when it comes within reach of a reader or criminal scanner, it emits the jamming signal. Anti-skimming card RFID Blockers are jamming the signals on a frequency range 10 MHz to 20 MHz and they are suitable for protecting different kinds of RFID and NFC cards operating at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. The anti-skimming card beside the blocking chip and antenna does not contain batteries or other electronics. 

Instructions for use

To protect your credit cards you have to place them close to the anti-skimming card.
A single anti-skimming card can protect multiple credit cards and it works within a range of 1 cm.
For protecting multiple, we recommend using two protective cards, one on each side of the cards you like to protect.

Who buys anti-skimming cards?

The buyers of anti-skimming card RFID blockers are knowledgable individuals who want to protect themselves from data theft and many companies as well. Anti-skimming card RFID blockers are very popular to use as business and promotional gifts, and recipients are very pleased to receive such useful gifts. 

Technical specifications for Anti-skimming card RFID blockers:

Dimensions: 86 x 54mm, thickness 0.9 mm
Color: White, coated so you can print on them with thermal printers
Blocking frequency range: 10 MHz to 20 MHz
Protects the chips: all kinds of 13.56 MHz RFID chips (NTAG®, Mifare®, ICODE® . . .)

Options for branding

We provide card printing services and can print your artwork and logos on the anti-skimming cards as well. For quantities, c. 1–500 we use high quality Thermal Retransfer printers, and for quantities larger than 500 we print with offset print technology during the card manufacturing process. 

For an offer, contact us at info@rfidspecialist.eu or call +386 41 884 124.
If you are an integrator or reseller, we offer special discounts.

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