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Dual frequency key fobs with MIFARE Classic EV1 and 125 kHz chip TK4100
(Product ID: 1694)

extremely useful RFID keyfob of prestigious look in leather imitation
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Product ID: 1694


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The prestigious RFID keyfob with Mifare 1k and 125kHz chip is a great choice if you work with two different systems. You can use the same keyfob to open a door with a 125kHz reader and to register opening hours with a Mifare reader. The same RFID keyfob covers 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz.

The keyfob features a 125kHz TK4100 chip that is compatible with the EM4200 and a 13,56 Mhz Mifare Classic EV1 chip with 1kb of memory. These are the two most popular RFID chips.

Chip: MIFARE Classic® EV1 and 125kHz TK4100 - EM4200 compatible
RF protocol: ISO 14443A and EM4200
Operating Frequency: 13.56 MHz and 125 kHz
Reading distance: up to 5 cm (depending on reader)
Dimensions: 85 mm without ring x 35 mm x 6.5 mm thickest part
Material: leather imitation, metal ring
IP classification: IP66

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