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13 mm size NFC disc tag with a NTAG213 chip
(Product ID: 1744)

NFC disc diameter 13 mm is suitable for use in products made from plastics. It can be moulded with epoxy resin or other polymers.
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This NFC tag can survive exposure to high temperatures for short periods of time. This tag is the same as the one used in silicone wristbands and even PPS tag, where temperature of moulding material is especially high.

Ideal for use inside other products like tools, toys, promotion materials, etc.
Dimension: round, Ø 13 mm
Thickness: 1 mm 
Max. operating temperature: -20 ~ +85°C
Max. temporary exposure to tempearture:for short periods of time +200°C (when being moulded in with resin)
 IP class: IP68

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