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NFC COB tag with a chip NTAG213
(Product ID: 1701)

the most basic NFC transponder that you can include into your products
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Product ID: 1701


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The NFC COB tag with antenna contains only 2 components, the NFC chip NTAG213 and a copper winding that acts as an antenna. This type of NFC media is also called the NFC COB tag (NFC chip-on-board).
The NFC antenna chip is intended primarily for inserting in a variety of items, because of its slim design, it can also be inserted into smaller items. It is ideal for use in manufacturing, logistics, warehouses, tracking items, pallets, tools, etc.
Antenna external dimension: Ø 17.5 mm, inner hole 15.5 mm
0.41 mm thick
Chip size: 7x4 mm
Chip: NTAG213
Temperature range: -20 ° C to 85 ° C

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