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Laundry tag with NFC chip NTAG213
(Product ID: 1420)

The 20 mm NFC laundry tag is made from PPS and designed to withstand heat, pressure and chemicals. It is ideal to track the laundry, warehouse assets, for tracking production objects, pallets, tools, etc. It is not designed for on-metal application.
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The NFC Laundry tag have a built-in NTAG213 chip. It is made of durable PPS plastic and is resistant to moisture, oils, chemicals, pressure and exposure to high temperature. These tags are ideal for use in laundry, warehouses, for tracking objects, pallets, tools, etc.
The NFC PPS tags contain the NTAG213 chip which has beside the programmed UID also  password protected memory, excellent scanning distance, true anti-collision, etc.. 
The laundry tags are black and they could be printed with white logo or serial numbers.
 Dimension:  round 20 mm diameter 
 Thickness:  2,5 mm
 Operating Temperature:  -20 ~ +85°C
 Storage Temperature:  -20 ~ +110°C (500 hours); +120°C (35 hours); +140°C (5 hours)
 IP Classification:  IP68

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