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25 mm size NFC stickers with a NTAG215 chip
(Product ID: 3019)

Very thin and waterproof NTAG215 NFC sticker with 504 bytes of user memory.

Good for applications that require more memory than a chip NTAG213 (i.e. vCard business card).
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These thin transparent stickers contain a NFC Type 2 chip NTAG215 which have a bigger memory size than a NTAG213 and it could be less expensive than a NTAG216.

NFC stickers with a chip NTAG215 can be used under other printed stickers or laminated inside printed materials in a wide range of marketing applications or for asset identification purposes. 

They do not contain a anti-metal layer and therefore are not suitable to use on metallic surfaces.

Chip: NTAG215
Frequency: Read / Write, 13,56 MHz
Memory: 504 bytes
RF protocol: ISO 14443A (NFC Type 2)
Dimension: round, Ø 25 mm, thickness 0,1 mm
On-metal: NO

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