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Which NFC readers are most commonly used for the development of information solutions with NFC technology?
NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is used in various information solutions, including mobile apps, desktop software, and embedded system solutions. It allows wireless communication between devices equipped with NFC chips, which occurs over short distances, usually a few centimeters.

When selecting an appropriate NFC reader, we must consider which NFC functionality we want to achieve with the reader, compatibility with the operating system, supported standards, design robustness, price...
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13 Typical Examples of How to Use NFC technology
NFC technology has been on the market for several decades and does not differ much from other RFID technologies. The principle of operation is very similar, there is a small contactless chip with an antenna that can receive a signal from the reader, and communicate some information. 

NFC technology has gained even greater visibility and usability in recent years, as it is now being incorporated into smartphones by probably all phone manufacturers. These phones can communicate securely with POS terminals during banking transactions, they can encode NFC chips, read the NFC tags, and communicate with other NFC phones too.
NFC is proximity-based technology, which mean that it works usually just a couple of centimeters from a reader or you have to actually tap on the NFC tags. 

NFC chips can be embedded into various products to identify and authenticate them. People can use NFC transponders to unlock doors, record presence at work, etc. NFC can launch websites, open video presentations, and in recent years the technology is increasingly present in mobile payment solutions.

Since the possibilities of use are practically unlimited, we have summarized the 13 typical examples of the use of NFC technology. 
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Digital business card - a business gift that can also be sent by mail
In this article, we present you with an idea for a useful business gift - Digital Business Card. With a digital business card, you can transfer your contact information to the phone book of your new friends or business partners quickly and in a contactless way.

A digital business card is a plastic card that contains a NFC chip in which the recipient writes his contact information with his phone, and when he meets a new friend or business partner, he can quickly transfer his contact information to a friend’s phone with just a scan.
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Secure NFC transponders with the MIFARE DESFire chip
Are you designing NFC applications for micro payments or other applications which require secure transactions and you need secure transponders?  

Do you want to know more about the most popular NFC Type 4 chip MIFARE DESFire and what kind of transponders are available?  

With this article, we will present you various transponders with the MIFARE DESFire chip and you can check the differences between the three generations of the MIFARE DESFire chip – the versions EV1, EV2, and EV3.
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