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Thin plastic NFC sticker with on-metal protection
(Product ID: 1625)

flexible on-metal sticker made with PET material, with NTAG213 chip, measuring 25mm in diameter
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Product ID: 1625


74,00 EUR

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90,28 EUR
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Thin plastic NFC stickers that are very flexible. Made with PET material and contain NTAG213 NFC chip and have on-metal protection. They're suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for sticking them on glass, plastics, wood, metal, electronic devices like mobile phones, etc.

On stickers we use very strong 3M adhesive 467MP 200MP.

These stickers are well-suited for application on metal parts like pipes, filters, etc. Their thinness makes them very convenient to use under mobile phone cases.


NFC Chip: NTAG213
Function & Frequency: Read / Write, 13,56 MHz
Memory: 144 bytes for user
RF protocol: ISO 14443A (NFC Type 2)
Dimensions: round, Ø 25 mm, thickness 0,35 mm
PET, extremly strong 3M glue
Suitable for on-metal use:

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