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Soft RFID stickers with on-metal protection and a 13.56 MHz chip F08
(Product ID: 1663)

13,56 MHz thin, waterproof stickers, that can also be placed on metal pipes and other round objects....
Price/item: 1,09 EUR (with vat 1,33 EUR)
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Product ID: 1663


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Quantity Price/pcs
≥ 1 1,28 EUR
≥ 10 1,22 EUR
≥ 25 1,18 EUR
≥ 50 1,15 EUR
≥ 75 1,12 EUR
≥ 100 1,09 EUR
≥ 150 1,06 EUR
≥ 200 1,02 EUR
≥ 300 0,99 EUR
≥ 500 0,93 EUR


These flexible 13,56 MHz RFID stickers with on-metal protection, come with 1kB of memory. Stickers are soft, bendable, come with a strong glue, are waterproof and can be used on pipes, machines, filters or other metal surfaces.
Function: Read/Write (password protected)
Memory: 1KB EEPROM
Working frequency: 13.56 MHz
RF protocol: ISO 14443A
Reading distance: approximately 5 cm (depending on reader)
Dimensions: 25mm
Thickness: 0,84 mm
Material: PET
Printing options: UV print, cover stickers

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