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Plastic stickers with MIFARE Classic EV1 1k chip dimensions 80x50 mm
(Product ID: 3779)

Plastic stickers with Mifare Classic® EV1 1k chips measure 80x50 mm and are suitable for use in existing access control systems, time and attendance registration, and other RFID applications.

The Mifare Classic® EV1 1k chip operates at a frequency of 13.56 MHz, uses the ISO 14443A standard, and has a memory capacity of 1 kilobyte.

These stickers are also suitable for installation on cards that operate at other frequencies, allowing you to upgrade existing cards for use with other systems.

The large antenna ensures fast and reliable operation.

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Product ID: 3779


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These plastic stickers are especially suitable for those who want to equip their 125 kHz cards with an additional chip that operates at a different frequency, thus expanding the usability of existing cards.

The Mifare Classic® chip is very popular and widely compatible with existing RFID infrastructure, allowing easy integration into existing systems, including access control systems, payment systems, transportation, and inventory management.

These stickers can be used for:
  • Recording work attendance
  • Charging electric vehicles
  • Access control to business premises
  • Membership cards for gyms

Technical specifications for plastic stickers with MIFARE Classic® EV1 1k chips, dimensions 80x50 mm:

Chip manufacturer: NXP Semiconductors
Chip: MIFARE Classic® EV1 1 kB with 4-byte long ID
Compatibility: Previous versions of the MIFARE Classic® chip and other 13.56 MHz readers that operate with the ISO/IEC 14443 Type A standard
Frequency: 13.56 MHz
Reading distance: up to 5 cm
Sticker dimensions: 80 x 50 mm
Thickness: 0.30 mm
Material: PET plastic film
Printing options: UV printing

For an offer, contact us at info@rfidspecialist.eu or call +386 41 884 124.
If you are an integrator or reseller, we offer special discounts.

MIFARE®, MIFARE CLASSIC®, DESFire®, ICODE® are registered trademarks owned by NXP B.V. There is no affiliation between NXP B.V. and Mave d.o.o.

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