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NFC sticker size 86x54 mm with a NTAG213 chip
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Transparent, fast and reliable reading, big antenna, 76 x 45 mm big, long reading range...
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Product ID: 1713


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The 86x54mm transparent NFC sticker features a large antenna, measuring 76x45mm, which allows the chip to be read quickly and reliably, covering a large surface area and responding quickly even when the smart phone or reader is not positioned exactly above the antenna. The NFC chip reading occurs at a distance of approx. 5 cm from centre of sticker. If the reader is above the sticker, the reading distance or the distance between the label and the device is between 3 and 5 cm. Reading distances depend on the devices with which you use NFC labels and if it is an application where distance is very important, it is advisable to test them in the right environment.

NFC chip NTAG213 is one of the most common NFC chips, and for identification purposes it offers you the ability to use a unique UID number, usually 14 digits in Hexadecimal format and 144 bytes of memory, to which you can write any url, text and other information. The UID code is visible and cannot be hidden, and the contents of the memory can be locked with a key. If the content is for example a link that must be readable by other NFC devices, you can lock it so that it can't be modified. If you don’t want the content written on the memory to be visible to others, you can encrypt it with your key.

Transparent NFC labels are also referred to as NFC Wet inlay. It features thin transparent layer of adhesive film and NFC chip with an antenna attached. Such NFC labels are extremely thin and suitable for use under other non-conductive materials. These labels do not work when mounted on metal.
Chip: NTAG213
Function & Frequency: Read / Write, 13.56 MHz
Memory: 144 byte of user-space memory
RF protocol: ISO 14443A (NFC Type 2)
Size: 86 x 54 mm, 0.1 mm thick
On metal protective layer: No

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