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Keyfobs with chip MIFARE® DESFire®
(Product ID: 1009)

They work with RFID and NFC devices and support encryption of data. Storage capacity 2 kB / 4kB / 8kB
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Keyfobs with MIFARE® DESFire®  work on  frequency 13.56 MHz and can be used with NFC devices. These key fobs are perfect for access control systems, cashless payment or use with electronic locks.

Chip:  MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 / EV2 
Function:  Read/Write (password protected - 128-bit AES crypto)
Memory:  2 kB / 4kB / 8 kB 
RF protocol:  ISO 14443A
Frequency:  13,56 MHz
Reading distance:  up to 5 cm (depends on reader)
 Dimensions:  30 mm x 37 mm x 7 mm
Material:  ABS
IP class:  IP66                           
Compatible with NFC phones:   YES

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