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Digital business cards with NFC chip and QR code
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PVC card with QR code and NFC chip that user quickly scans and receives your contact information straight into their smartphone
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Digital business cards are made from PVC cards that come with NTAG216 NFC chip, which is ideal for storing your contact information in digital form (vCard).
This enables receiver a simple entry of all your contact information into their smartphone. All that they have to do is touch your card with their NFC enabled smartphone, and they will instantly receive a copy of your contact information.
Digital business cards are standard size, like credit cards, 86x54x0.85 mm. Cards are double sided colour printed with your graphics design. Front side can have your information printed, back side can have your company’s logo and QR code printed.
You only need a few digital business cards as you don’t have to give them away.
For making your digital business card we need your design and contact information. If needed we can take care of design.
Generating vCard information and encoding it in QR code and NFC tag is done by us.

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