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Custom made RFID key fobs with various RFID chips
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We offer RFID key fobs with 30 different casings in different colour variations and RFID chip of your choice. For special projects we make also 100% custom made NFC key fobs.
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Custom made RFID key fobs are suitable for use in environments where custom shape, colour or RFID chip is required. The shape of RFID key fobs normally doesn’t affect distance of reading.

One of our clients choose our custom made RFID key fobs for their specially designed device which could only accept key fobs of specific shape.

Sometimes we get clients who wish to have key fobs identical to the ones they already have.

Most often we use standard RFID chips, e.g. MIFARE Classic® 1K NXP, Mifare compatible chip, 125 kHz EM chip, iCode, Desfire chip, ipd.

Minimal order quantity for custom made key fobs is 200 pieces, delivery time is about 3 weeks.

For more information send us an email to info@mave.si or call us at +386 41 884 124.

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