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Custom made NFC tags
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We offer custom made NFC tags, where you can choose size, adhesive, chip, design,…
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Some use cases require use of custom made NFC tags. We offer our clients custom made NFC tags in accordance with their specifications.

To offer the best custom made NFC tags we need answers to following questions:
1. Where will tags be used? Is it about massive amount of NFC tags for short period of time or small amount of NFC tags that need to work in harsh environment and require long life?
2. What kind of NFC chip do you require? Low cost affordable chip with small memory or do you require bigger memory? How much data do you wish to write on chip? What level of security is required?
3. Where will the tag be placed? What is desired tag size?
4. Will the tag be placed on metal surface and requires on-metal protection layer?
5. Will it be used indoors or outdoors? Exposure to high/low temperatures, moisture, UV light rays, strength of adhesive,...
6. What reading distance is required? For longer reading distances UHF tags might be better option than NFC tags.
7. What kind of design would you like printed on your tags? Do all tags have same design or do they require custom variables such as serial numbers, chip UID, QR code, barcode to be printed?

Minimal order quantity for custom NFC tags is 500 pieces for non-standard sizes. For common sizes minimal order quantity can be lower.

If required we can make custom NFC tag samples so you can test them before ordering big quantities.

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