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Read-Write RFID wristbands with chip T5577
(Product ID: 1679)

RFID wristbands with UID programabile T5577 chip
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Product ID: 1679


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RFID wristbands T5577 are the latest model of Temic chip, which are fully compatible with older versions of the T5567 and T5557 chip. They are read-write RFID wristbands that operate at a frequency of 125 kHz. Wristbands contain a unique serial number (UID) for the purpose of identification and are suitable for use in demanding environments, for example where it is necessary to protect the contents of the card with a password. These RFID wristbands are excellent solution for access control, prepaid systems, ticketing, loyalty program systems, time attendance and identification of employees.
Manufacturer: Atmel
Chip: T5577
Frequency: 125 kHz
Memory: 330 bit - read/write EEPROM memory
Modulation: ASK
Reading distance: 2-3 cm
Dimensions: 335 mm, long, band width: 20 mm, chip area: 35 mm width
Thickness: max 2 mm
Material: PVC

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