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Reader ACR 1283L with LCD monitor and keypad
(Product ID: 1391)

Reader ACR 1283L with LCD monitor and keypad works on frequency 13.56 MHz, is compatible with protocols ISO 14443 A and B, NFC and comes with a two-line LCD display screen and touch keypad...
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The ACR 1283L is a read-write device for MIFARE® chips and other 13.56 MHz chips. It is distinguished by it's attractive shape, good readability skills, memory, a twelve-key capacitive touch keypad, USB interface, two-line LCD monitor, four user-configurable LED diodes and speaker. It is suitable for use in access control systems, for time keeping records, and in systems for payments, loyalty schemes, etc.
 Manufacturer:  ACS
 Name:  ACR 1283L
 RF protocol:  ISO 14443 A and B, NFC, MIFARE®
 Frequency:  13.56 MHz
 Interface:  USB
 Dimensions:  Reader: 88,5 mm x 133,5 mm x 21 mm;
 Reader with stand: 95 mm x 158 mm x 95 mm

* MIFARE® and MIFARE CLASSIC® are registered trademarks, owned by NXP B.V. There is no affiliation between NXP B.V. and  RFIDspecialist.eu (Mave d.o.o..)

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