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Protection for mounting the RFID reader on metal
(Product ID: 1690)

a protective sticker that prevents the metal from weakening the RFID reader
Price/item: 15,00 EUR (with vat 18,30 EUR)
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Product ID: 1690


15,00 EUR

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18,30 EUR
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If you install an RFID or NFC reader on a metal substrate, the metal may impair the reader’s performance and reduce the chip’s reading distance and reliability.
This can be avoided by sticking a Fluid Field Directional Material protective foil under the reader.
The EM15TF is a multilayer protective film that attaches to the substrate and can be attached to your RFID or NFC reader.
Manufacturer 3M
Dimension 125 x125 mm
Temperature range -30 to 85 ° C
Label: EM15TF-012-4 or EM15TF-041-1

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