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Elegant access control with 13.56 MHz RFID reader and PIN pad
(Product ID: 3064)

Independent access control system with door opening relay. Suitable for unlocking home doors, garages, office access control,... Easy user management with the ability to download a user base and later upgrade. Suitable for 13.56 MHz tags, such as Mifare®, NTAG213, and others that support the ISO14443 A protocol.
Price/item: 75,00 EUR (with vat 91,50 EUR)
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Product ID: 3064


75,00 EUR

Total with vat:
91,50 EUR
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Model: SDC-617-2-M
Dimension: 105 x 95 x 25 mm
Function: Standalone access control system with RFID media and PIN, with ability to copy users and export visit log via USB
Supported RFID chips: Mifare®, NTAG213 and other ISO14443A compliant
Protocol: Weigand 26/34
Max number of users: 1,000
Max number of memory entries: 100,000 (entry data - ID, clock)
Identification mode: RFID chip, PIN entry, or PIN + RFID combination
Display: Low-power OLED, 128 x 64 dpi resolution, for clock display, name ...
Relay: Original NEC
Keyboard: Touch sensitive, with illumination
Other features: bell door button, English speaking notifications
Classification: IP65
Color: white and silver (custom black, gold)
Material: aluminium alloy
Alarm: Anti-Andal Protection
Reset key.
The device contains firmware for entering or exporting users and entry information (ID, date, time)

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